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The GCDF credential is valid for a five-year period. GCDF credential holders must pay annual maintenance fees and earn 75 continuing education hours to recertify at the end of the 5 year period.

The annual billing occurs approximately 12 weeks before your certification month. (Example: If your certification date is June 24, 2006, you should receive your maintenance bill in April 2007.) If you do not receive the renewal notice by June 1, please contact CCE.

You must remit the annual maintenance fee payment by the due date to maintain your credential. If CCE does not receive payment by the due date, your certification will become inactive. If you would like your certification to become active again, you will be required to submit a reinstatement application, a $50.00 reinstatement fee, and full payment of the past due balance.

The application fee is a processing and reviewing fee. Your application must be reviewed to assure you meet all requirements. The review process is 4-6 weeks from the date all of your application materials are received.

The GCDF applications are available by clicking in the section "Application Only" on the GCDF homepage and selecting the country of interest.

After CCE receives your application and processes payment, your application is prepared for review. This process normally takes 4-6 weeks from the date all materials are received. Once the initial review is complete, you will be notified in writing if further information is required. Please note that your file will be placed back in queue for a second review if further information is needed. In order to expedite the process, be certain that you have included all required documentation in your initial application packet.

You may apply for provisional status if you have completed the 120 hour GCDF training from a CCE approved provider, but have not yet earned the required amount of career development related experience hours. All requirements must be met within two years of the date provisional status is granted.

As long as the supervisor or human resources manager can verify the experience hours earned, there is no limit on the previous dates of employment.

Yes, as long as the supervisor or human resources manager at the volunteer organization can verify the total experience hours.

We will accept verification of experience hours from the current supervisor or Human Resources manager at your previous place of employment.

75 continuing education contact hours within the 12 GCDF competency areas are required during the five-year certification period. A continuing education hour is defined as one clock hour. You may submit up to 15 hours in other areas for CCE review and approval.

To view the listing of pre-approved continuing education providers and courses, click on the Continuing Education button in the top menu of the GCDF homepage.

A clock hour is defined as one hour of actual participation in a continuing education activity, exclusive of breaks, lunch, and so forth. One college credit hour is equal to fifteen contact hours and one CEU is equal to ten contact hours.

Hours must be documented on the CCE contact hour verification form or by certificates or letters of attendance, transcripts, or grade reports. Registration forms, workshop flyers or brochures, course descriptions, or payment verification alone are not acceptable proof of attendance. GCDFs must maintain these documents for the five-year period.

The following list will assist you in determining if an activity meets CCE continuing education guidelines and can be used for recertification. You should be able to answer yes to the following questions if you wish to use an activity for recertification credit.

  • Does the content of the activity fall within a GCDF competency area?
  • Is the activity geared toward professionals in the field of career development?
  • Does the activity enhance your role as a career development facilitator?
  • If it was a teleconference, was there an opportunity to interact with an instructor or facilitator?
  • Was the activity completed during the current five-year certification period?
  • Does the provider of the training have formal education or credentialing in the content area addressed?

If you would like to recertify but find that you are short the required 75 continuing education hours, return your recertification notice form and fee payment with a letter requesting an extension. Specify the reasons why you were unable to complete the hours, how many hours you currently have completed, and how much time you anticipate needing (up to 12 months). We will respond in writing regarding your request.

Yes, if the training falls within at least one of the twelve GCDF competency areas it can be used towards recertification.

To view the complete listing of CCE approved training providers, select the country from the country-specific certification menu on the GCDF homepage, and then click on the training button in the top menu.

Several approved training providers offer flexible schedules including intensive weekend-only options. CCE has also approved a comprehensive distance learning curriculum and several distance/classroom hybrid curricula. Check with approved trainers in your country to learn more about what options are available.

You may apply for provisional status if you have met the education and experience requirement, but have not yet completed the 120 hours of training in the GCDF competency areas. All requirements must be met within two years of the date provisional status is granted.

Yes, there is no expiration date on the training course. We do need to verify that the instructor is an approved GCDF instructor, so we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

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