United States Ethics

Global Career Development Facilitator (GCDF) applicants and credential holders are responsible for ensuring that their behavior adheres to the standards identified in the Ethical Standards for Global Career Development Facilitators.

Before becoming credentialed, GCDF applicants must complete all portions of the respective application and provide information regarding any previous or current legal, criminal or disciplinary matter. CCE policy also requires applicants and credential holders to provide a written disclosure within sixty days of becoming aware of any legal, criminal or disciplinary matter involving themselves or their practices. A reminder of the disclosure requirement is provided with the Statement of Annual Maintenance Fees. By submitting this form or providing payment to CCE, credential holders accept responsibility for adhering to CCE policies and agreements, fulfilling the continuing education requirements and abiding by the ethical standards.

Application disclosures and other similar matters are reviewed in accordance with CCE procedures, including the CCE Ethics Case Procedures and the CCE Credential Eligibility Policy Relating to Criminal & Lesser Offense Convictions, and Other Disciplinary Matters.

The Ethical Standards for Global Career Development Facilitators, as well as the policies and procedures, may be downloaded by clicking the links below. You may also obtain a hard copy by submitting a request to credentialinfo@cce-global.org or by calling 336-482-2856.

For questions relating to ethics, please email ethics@cce-global.org.

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